Website Development

Why Develop a Website

Your website is often the first impression a potential customer has of your company or organization. At StudioPaolo Design, our goal is to create fabulously functional and visually powerful websites. By incorporating excellent navigation and interface technology, we implement ideal content that compels visitors to engage, connect and take action in some measurable way.

A well-designed website is a powerful tool that can continually deliver high quality clients. StudioPaolo Design, a New York City based design company, provides cutting edge website design and development services. We use a multifaceted approach that includes analyzing your business and customer needs while creating the right look and functionality in order to effectively guide a user through the site and to a goal. With a multifaceted approach, you can dramatically increase the number of website visitors that are converted to customers.

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Each professional and high-quality website we build includes:

  1. Strategic Plan for Implementation and Success
  2. Clean, Professional & Unique Design that reflects your company’s brand & image
  3. Navigation and Functionality that is clear, efficient & effective
  4. Search Engine Optimization on each page and cross browser compatibility (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and multi-platform electronic web devices from desktops to tablets to smart phones)
  5. Scalability providing a website with flexibility and expansion capabilities for future needs
  6. Dynamic Operation providing automatic resizing from the smallest mobile devices to the widest of flat screens
  7. A Content Management Plan for easy site maintenance & updating

Website Architecture

What you need your website to accomplish is vital information to us and helps us set the stage for what type of architecture (background systems) are best fit for your company. We’ll discuss all your needs and build a vision for you prior to choosing the right system.

We also offer a defined process for discovering or redefining your company identity and developing your online brand. See Corporate Branding.

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Web Consulting

Domain Name
Domain names are the actual name you log onto when accessing a web site. They are purchased separately from the hosting and design services on the world wide web and they are generally the least expensive part of owning a web site.

Hosting Services
Hosting services on the internet are available from all sorts of companies. The differences in hosting services have to do with amount of space (for photos, video, data) and what type of speed for downloading and uploading is available. Plus what kind of additional services are offered from shopping carts to forms and scripting services.

Cost for our hosting package starts as low as $100.00/yr

Website Design Consulting

Graphic Design/Coding and Programming This service is what we specialize on. Our Graphic Designers arrange and make your site visually appealing and then we program the site so that the look planned will then function on the web. The number of pages you are interested in having on your web site will often determine the cost.

For up to 8 linking pages on your navigation bar the cost is $1,250.* *This fee will also cover basic image usage. If specialty illustrations or specialty photos are requested for your site, there may be an additional artwork fees. You will be notified if this will be required.

Copy Writing and Editing
We are great at this service. Please inquire if needed.

Web Site Strategy
Strategic Planning
Marketing Plans
Application Specific Technology
Web Site Optimization
This is a feature that I think will be important to you. This involves coding your site so that it comes up on as many search engines as possible. By researching words that relate to your business and coding your pages with the most powerful terms, you can benefit by having your web site optimized. The is an additional fee.

Cost for Basic Optimization: $500.00 ($1,000.00 for Advanced Optimization)

Web Site Extra Features

Application Development
Script Installation and
Web Application Development
If you wish to have interactive programming on your web site like a members sign in which can provide feedback to individuals and answer questions for them, that would fall under Script Installation. This is also the kind of programming that allows the user to communicate with other members, reserve spaces in classes, do searches on your site, etc. etc.

If you wish to have sales on your web site, it would fall under this category. For example, if you wish to allow for purchase of membership or purchase of specialty products or services, that would be possible with an ecommerce site.

Web Site Maintenance
General Maintenance If you wish to have new information posted on your site on a regular basis, you will need a maintenance program. For updating writing, adding pictures, changing schedules, etc. etc. we can provide a monthly maintenance program for you or you can have anyone with web programming software and the knowledge of how to use it can do the maintenance as well

Web Optimization Consulting

Are you looking for better visibility on the internet? We can offer you search optimization that can greatly increase your site results on Google and other search engines.

We use a powerful system that will Boost your online exposure and move you up in search rankings. We will submit your site to local search engine programs like Google® Local, Yahoo!® Local, Live Search (MSN) and®. Infact there are over 200 search engines and directories that we can access for this.

Here’s the breakdown:
1. Continuous monthly web optimization, meaning we monitor and update your website on a regular basis so that it’s working as best as possible on google search engines. Google continuously changes the search programs so that in order to keep your site listed high, we have to continuously monitor and adjust what we do behind the scenes.

2. We purchase advertising space on google and other search engines for your service. This will guarantee that your site will come up upon select search terms.

3.Research One more thing that we do that is exclusive to our service. We poll potential users for your type of service and ask them what they would enter when doing searches on the interest. You would be surprised at the results we get. Those polls are then incorporated in our key word and tagged descriptions of your company thus providing more possibilities of your site being noticed by the right customers.

All this can start at the low rate of just $500/month. With a commitment of only 3 months. If you like the results, we’ll re-evaluation the workload and often give you an even better rate to continue on for a longer period.

Option 1
Maintenance and Basic Web Optimization: $250/month
This allows us to improve upon the site we already created for you by cleaning up the details, speeding the download times, updating the information you want on it. Furthermore it provides basic web optimization that will increase your visibility on the web. We highly recommend this package for everyone.

Option 2
Basic Advertising package*: $675/month includes Search Engine Visibility, a service that submits your site to the hottest search engines, from Yahoo to Google and more. Plus we place advertising on Google featuring a series of search words that you find most valuable. These ads will appear right on the first page of search results increasing the likelyhood that your potential customers find you quickly with the search words you choose.

Option 3
Premium Advertising package*: $900/month includes Advertising package, plus we bump up the advertising on Google and our Extended network of online search engines and service providers. We provide keyword traffic reports so you can make informed decisions about choosing keywords and maximizing your budget. We poll potential customers and use the research to improve your search results. Those additional keywords are incorporated into your advertising words.

Option 4
Platimum Packages: $1,200/month and up:
includes complete maintenance, the premium advertising package and more
Pricing depends on the level of advertising you wish to use. The larger the budget, the greater the results. It’s that simple. If appropriate, we will get you started with an email service whereas you can start sending newsletters and other informative messages to all your customers. This will be an opt in service that any potential customer may join and will be linked to your website for easy access. It’s another powerful tool in marketing and you’ll find it will also help boost your online presence.

*These packages require a 3 month commitment only and a one time fee to set up your ads.


Web Hosting for our Clients

As of March 2020, our studio has upgraded to a more powerful hosting platform. We’re now running all of our clients on 1 powerful dedicated server.

We guarantee a noticeably faster connectivity, faster download times and your clients will be pleased too as your website will appear almost instantaneously.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll be receiving through our service:

60 GB storage
UNMETERED TRAFFIC (Bandwidth is now wider)
1 HR FREE CONSULTATION (can be used anytime during your hosting plan year)

The cost to host your website with us with all these benefits is as follows:
Basic Yearly Web Hosting
Up to 20 pages

Premium Yearly Web Hosting
Up to 50 pages
content management sites (eg. WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Ghost)
ultra fast connection

Add On SSL Certificates Yearly Security
Essential Plan
24-hour response time
Unlimited malware removal
Google blacklist monitoring & removal

If you require additional features such as SSL certificates, Automatic Backup, Virus & Malware removal, we can provide these at an additional cost. Inquire with us for details.



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